Dr. Frank G. Schröder
Privatdozent Dr. Frank G. Schröder
Privatdozent Dr. Frank G. Schröder


This is my private web page containing information on my research and academic activities. Since several years I am working at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) - except for a postdoc period at the Instituto de Tecnologías en Detección y Astropartículas (ITeDA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Starting with my diploma thesis in Darmstadt, Germany, I am active in the field of astropraticle physics. Since several years I do reasearch and development in the radio technique for detection of air-shower cascades. By applying this technique, high-energy cosmic rays will be measured more accurately. This will be essential to answer the long-standing question, where is the orgin of the highest energy particle in the universe. After decades of research, it still is an open mystery how nature accelerates particles to energies exceeding man-made accelerators, like LHC at CERN, by orders of magnitude.

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