Dr. Frank G. Schröder
Privatdozent Dr. Frank G. Schröder
Privatdozent Dr. Frank G. Schröder

Scientific Publications

Habilitation Thesis

Radio detection of Cosmic-Ray Air Showers and High-Energy Neutrinos

published and citable as invited review artcile by ELSEVIER:

F.G. Schröder, Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 93 (2017) 1-68, DOI:10.1016/j.ppnp.2016.12.002 [arXiv:1607.08781]


Doctoral Thesis

Instruments and Methods for the Radio Detection of High Energy Cosmic Rays

first digital publication at KIT library (download free-of-charge), for citation (and for sale):

book publication at Springer Theses, ISBN 978-3-642-33659-1


Diploma Thesis

Aufbau und Weiterentwicklung eines Mikrokanalplattendetektors für den Einsatz in einem Photoregenerationsexperiment

download from webpage of TU Darmstadt

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